DS – Lite Size Comparison, Updated with New Picture

Personally, the old design looks more comfortable. As far as being “sexy”, the Lite takes the cake no doubt, but is that all it’ll deliver? Only time’ll tell…

[Sources: NSider and DSRevolution]


  1. I don’t understand… Is the bottom screen raised? It looks a little awkward…

  2. Yes, the lower screen has to be raised. So when the the upper screen is folded down, it doesn’t press the buttons.

  3. As I mentioned in the previous blog,

    – The redesign also includes a new location for the control buttons and the power button, which I think it is significant to gameplay;

    – The new DS also has the brighter and crispier screen technology we saw in the micro, which I think is even more important;

    I have been wanting for a while to get a second DS, so this redesign is perfect for me! I also needed the DS to be a little smaller so I can take it to my corporate meetings!

  4. I hear that, I-man! I didn’t mention it cause i was busy arguing with FireEmblem on the analog issue. 😀

    You think the original DS looks more comfy cause u’ve held it. Don’t forget, the Lite has the GBA slot, too, so it’s gonna have that rounded lower base. It may very well be the same. Although, with the new buttons/pad and their higher placement, Lite wins hands down. Maybe it won’t dig into ur palms anymore. Maybe.

    Try before you (don’t) buy.

  5. I’m definitely digging the smaller borders around the screens. The raised touch screen is also a nice touch. The dividers between the buttons and screen don’t really look all that good. Sadly, these small changes aren’t enough incentive for me to buy it, at least until they release info about revolution connectivity and wifi picto-chat and etc.

    I’m also hoping that the GBA style power and volume “switches” make a comeback. The volume on the current DS is so hard to get just right.

  6. the size comparison is massively inaccurate, based on the measurements on ign and here!, i’ll do my own thanks

  7. Trust me, I’m not counting it out yet. I’ll be trying it out before I make a first call. Everything at this point is first impressions.

    I prefer the iPod Mini to the iPod Nano, size-wise. That’s sort of the same feeling I’m getting here. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong…for Nintendo’s sake, I hope I am.

    Ano: Best picture avaliable at this point. If you can come up with a “better” one, please, submit it using the Tips form and it’ll be taken care of.

  8. looks kinda like a checkbook

  9. i took the image into paint and cut out the screen to see if they were the same size and the lite was only a pixel bigger so this is a quite accurate mock up in fact… its likely a third less thick… not a third less wide or tall… which is what i assume ‘anonymous’ may have read into…

  10. NOW that is on my wishlist!

  11. So will the screens be the same size, or a little smaller?

  12. Same.

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