DS Lite PDF manual

Check out the full DS Lite manual. Mostly of zero interest but you wouldn’t be a fanboy without taking a peek.

[Source: FCC]


  1. I was right on the other post. on pages 4/5 it says the game port #2 has a “slot cover” Awesome.

    It’s #10 on the list.

  2. Well this mostly confirms that the DS lite isn’t coming with any upgraded system software. All the menu screens and PictoChat are exactly the same.

  3. I wonder if the manual comes with those little cute cartoons of what not to do with the DS, that’s probably the best part of the manual! ^o^

  4. Did anyone noticed that, like the micro before it, the DS Lite seems to have a different plug size for the power cable?

    Hmmm… I’m going to have to find more electric plugs at home!

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