DS Lite Hiccups

If you’re patiently waiting for March 2nd to get a (Japanese) DS Lite – or import one – i hope you like Crystal White. Due to manufacturing problems, the Enamel Navy and Ice Blue colored systems have been delayed to the 11th. Not so huge a delay, but if you’ve been holding your breath for one of those 2 colors, it might be a good idea to take a quick gasp for air.

Thanks Joshua!



    Rollin, are you saying the DS Lite will come out in the U.S. also in March??

    That would be so freakin’ AWESOME!!

  2. Fixed. :]

  3. I have never been happier to love the color white so much.

    I’m importing a Jap DS Lite and I ordered the Crystal White.

    Go me.

  4. I think IGN just announced that the DS Lite was coming to the US for May 7. Same realease date as the Next Super Mario DS.

  5. perhaps we can expect a bundle then….?

  6. OK, OK…. I guess I can wait until May!

    (But I almost had a heart attack!)

  7. Does a DS from Japan play US games?

  8. yes it does.

  9. Hey. This is the importer from the comment up above.

    FOr what I understand, importing a Japanese DS lite only has two downfalls, but many redeeming features.

    The bad news: you need a plug converter to charge the thing and the instructions are in Japanese.

    The good news: it’s just like any American DS lite otherwise. You can set the langueg to english, it is region free for games and WiFi, it works normally, just as if you bought it here. Plus, a plug converter isn’t too expensive and once the lite is USA born, you can purchase a charger from the US for cheap too.

    If you are interested in importing, you should go to


    because they don’t charge importing fees and import just about all things video games.

    Hope that helps.

  10. I purchased a white import DS (not a lite) through lik-sang a while back and didn’t need a plug converter.

  11. @Matthew – Go Matthew!

  12. Thanks, the RFH!

    Go I shall.

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