DS Lite Colors

DS Lite Week continues to engulf the webnet. Nintendo Japan has released images of alternate colors for their newest wunderkind. Hey look! Non-photoshopped black! Wait, make that “Enamel Navy”.

I guess these are the other 2 colors. Nice selection, i must say. The Ice Blue one is a nice touch (get it?).

[Source: Nintendo]


  1. This thing can still play Advance Games, Right?

  2. Yea.

  3. 16,800 yen = $142

    So I’m guessing the price of the DSlite in America will be around that.

  4. Now that’s a good looking black DS! Shiny and glossy, unlike that quicky photoshop somebody did. Wai-Tung is happy. 🙂

  5. But will it mean a price drop for the regular DS? I assume it will if they still produce it after the Lite comes out.

  6. +1 for the Lite.

    As most of you have seen, I’m still fairly skeptic about this whole Lite thing. I didn’t think there was anything too great about it…and I still feel that way for the most part. But the navy is the coolest looking thing I’ve seen since the Micro. Awesome.

  7. Where is the pink version!?

  8. The Navy one is actually navy and not black, which adds alot to the awesome factor. It’s a new form of differentiation. I’m definitly eyeing that one.

    FireEmblem, when you get one in ur hands– or watch the 3D video– and see how much comfier/prettier/smaller/lighter it is, u’ll sell ur Plat DS to the 1st GameStop you see.

    1st DS has NOTHING on the Lite.

  9. That’s probably pushing it, Rollin.

    I’m actually perfectly fine with my DS. Sure, the navy is the coolest color on a system I’ve seen in a long time, but there’s not much else I really care for. The new images and stuff have boosted my opinion of the Lite, but it still is not enough for me to pay extra for. Unless somebody’ll buy my current DS for $120 and I can get away with only paying $20 for this thing, I’ll be sticking with my current model.

  10. I’m fine with my current one, too. But u DO realize the Lite is the better one, no? Price notwithstanding. As in, if you had to choose.

  11. Depends on what you mean by better? They’re different. I don’t think either is “better”. Some people like a bigger, bulkier feel, it feels more comfertable. I think the iPod Mini is more comfertable than the Nano, personally. I don’t know what size DS I like, as I havent touched the Lite. I like the original Xbox controller better than the smaller version. So I can’t honestly say which is better.

    The only “better” feature, I see is the different screen lightings. But thats nothing big to me

  12. Better looking and better feeling. No sharp edges that makes ur left hand go numb. Can i get a witness? *raises hand for high 5*

    The buttons and dpad are bigger, so if u like bulkiness u’ll like the Lite better. DS feels awkward with the big size and teeny flat buttons/pad. It’s only bulky where it counts.

  13. I’ve read the DS Lite will have an Opera Browser add on. It may also have a t.v tuner add on as well. I only have an SP and I plan to buy the DS Lite as an upgrade when it comes out. My SP is going to my dad. Definately getting the Enamel Navy for sure.

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