DS outsells population of France, Great Britain

dssalesWho’s my favorite top-selling handheld gaming console? That’s right Nintendo DS, it’s you – and you deserve it.

Between the original DS, the updated “DS Lite,” and the new DSi, Nintendo’s double screened handheld has topped over 125 million in hardware sales – enough to populate an entire country! At the current writing, there are more Nintendo DS systems in the world than citizens of France. Or the United Kingdom. Combined. It’s almost enough to equip every man, woman, and child in Japan for a nation-wide Mario Kart DS tournament – but enough with the national metrics – let’s just say Nintendo has sold a LOT of handheld consoles.

We salute you, Nintendo DS handhelds – you won the console wars. Also, you beat France.

[Sources: VGChartz, IGN, and Wikipedia. ] (Thanks Markus)