DS Kanji action game, could it get any better?

I thought when the sequel to rakugaki jiten came out, one specifically for studying Kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese language), that the DS had reached it’s pinacle of games that were made to utilize character recognition on the DS. I was saddened however, that no developer seemed interested in creating an actual game that was both fun and educational, in order to learn the most complex of Japanese writing systems. Enter Success soft and “Kanji no Wataridori” or “Kanji Migrant.” The thick of this game is a quick reflex western-themed action game where you have to read and write Japanese in order to pass on to the next level. The game looks extremely hard even though the difficulty level is supposed to be adjustable, but regarless of the challenge, I’ll definitely be picking this up on its June 1st release day at my local game store here in Funabashi.