Dork Rumor

My fave Ninten-site, Nintendorks, is stepping in the rumor ring with their own exclusive insider tip regarding the Rev. An industry insider hard at work on a Rev title has told them that the nunchuk analog attachment also houses the accelerometer capabilities of the remote. Hence, both the nuchuck and revmote can move in 3D space, independantly. He gave this theoretical game type:

  • You move around (walk forward, strafe to the side) by using the joystick with your left hand.
  • You turn your character’s “head” by turning and moving around the left nunchuck piece. You point it up, your view looks up; you point it left, your view
    turns left.
  • You can swing a sword by swinging the “right nunchuck”, i.e. the “remote control” piece

That qualifies as “final secret” material, in my eyes.