Don’t tell me what you saw when you watched this Skyward Sword video, I don’t want to know

I sure hope you like the above cinematic for Skyward Sword. I even hope that you learned a little about the game because of it. As for me, am planning on staying far, far away. Yes, I may have uploaded the video for you all to enjoy, but honestly, I don’t want to know anymore about the game than I already do for the simple fact of spoiling what should be one of the greatest adventures Nintendo has ever created.

This is nothing new for me. I have gone on a media blackout for a couple of games before. With Skyward Sword, however, it is different. You see, when Twilight Princess released back in good old 2006 I felt that the media coverage surrounding the game ruined a whole lot of the experience for me before I even put the game in my brand new Wii console. I knew all about how Link would be transformed into a wolf, and how Midna would be accompanying me on my adventure through Hyrule. I knew about the fishing and even about the mechanics of the Gale Boomerang.

In short, I plan on staying about from as much Skyward Sworrd coverage as my RSS reader will allow me to. If you are unlike me, however, there are a few more videos for you to enjoy after the break. Just don’t tell me what they contain, because I haven’t watched them either.

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