Don’t Make Me Move

For the most part, I’ve heard good things about the Revolution controller. A lot of sources have given props to Nintendo for their creative efforts. While we still haven’t seen actual games using the technology, I think it’s safe to say if executed correctly, this thing could be a hit. If it were, how soon would the competition mimic it’s effects?

Anyhoo, one of the things that popped up last night, and for the past several months for that matter, is the issue of “it could get tiring to hold a controller like this for extended periods of time.” That very well may be the case, but it’s also tiring to pitch a baseball for 7 innings. Now I’m not trying to say video games should be considered athletics, but what’s wrong with getting a little active. Sweat a little.

Sure, I’ve sat dormant for the past 20 years while playing games. I know this and I’ve liked it for the most part. But we’ll just have to wait to see the effects of this new technology. It should be interesting how things play out over the next few months.

Can’t wait for the release…


  1. I’d like to state that I’m a hardcore, 12-hours-at-a-time gamer, before I say any of this.

    First of all, do people think that you’ll be holding the controller straight out at the screen, like a gun, for hours upon hours at a time? I, for one, trust Nintendo to find a way for this thing to be comfortable. When playing the Metroid Prime 2 Revo demo, someone mentioned that they were given a chair to sit down in, and their pose was very much like holding a regular controller, not with their hand straight out, pointing at the screen.

    And, if not, then oh well. Stop playing games for 12 hours at a time. Take a break now and then. Develop muscles. Sheesh.

  2. If you have a chair with an armrest, it should be a fairly easy task to do for long periods of time.

  3. Actually, I like playing sports with friends. If you’ve never had your blood pumping and heart beating, exorcise can actually be very entertaining. In fact, many people say it makes them feel good.

    I doubt it would be that tiring though. At the worst, not quite equivalent to playing drums (yea, I saw the drum clip on the video). I just hope I’m allowed one good dive/roll behind the couch.

  4. When the first porn game is released for Revolution, they won’t complain that they’re tired. Wait and see!

  5. I apologize for the crude analogy, but it’s like jerking off. Assuming you’re a guy, you’ve probably jerked off a lot in the past. Remember the first couple of times you tried it? Exhausting, wasn’t it? Okay, jerk off right now. It’s like second nature, isn’t it? It’s the same thing, only instead of jizzing, you’re gaming.

  6. Point well taken.

    “Instead of jizzing, you’re gaming.”

  7. i’m not a fanboy… i didn’t buy gamecube… instead went with PS2… but this time i will spend my cash on Nintendo… last N system i owned was N64… boring video games might find themselves worth while to me again…

  8. I dont think it will be a problem, I live in Japan And in yokohama there is this arcade machine that you hold a handle and when you swing it the sword on the screen swings in the same motio, although it was a workout it was very enjoyable, I was exhausted but I had a smile on my face when I walked awya.

    This might be what america needs to correct a certain problem concerning their weight.

  9. I dont think that you will need to move dramatically, I mean moving ur wrist might do the trick.

  10. How long do you estimate before the first carpal tunnel-related lawsuit surfaces? 🙂

  11. I have been “practicing” with my remote controllers at home; sitting down on my couch with my hand on my leg with the remote feels totally fine. You shouldn’t have to move it all around in huge movements, the impressions I read said that they only moved their hands just a little and they had all this control of the game; so I wouldn’t worry about carpal tunnel and stuff like that. I can only play a videogame for 4-5 hours at the most and then I have to take a break. My remotes are also bigger than the Revolution controller and probably heavier too.

    Now I’m getting a little frustrated. We have to wait a year to hold/play with this thing!!! I guess Nintendo really wants this concept to sink in and have everyone understand just what they are trying to accomplish. I already can’t wait to play it and a year from now I think I will be dying or dead from the excitment that Nintendo will generate when they reveal ALL the secrets of this controller. You know there is more, Nintendo even said that there was. Mic? Headphones? Online comunication with the controller? This is not the end, only the beginning. Also, please Nintendo we would all like to see some actual GAMES in action! Maybe this will be shown the week before the Xbox 360 launch? Sounds right to me. If the Revolution truly looks incredible in the graphics department then Nintendo is making us wait for the right reasons, blowing us away at the right times. That would take a big chunk out of the 360’s launch. People will see the Revolution and be like: “Damn this thing has a brand new way of playing videogames AND it looks just as good if not better than the Xbox 360? I might have to hold out for this one.” If Nintendo has the right tools in place in the Revolution they could really pull this off and make the Revolution itself the Killer-App that everyone wants! Think about that….

  12. Do you know what carpal tunnel syndrome is? If you think you have a higher risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome from playing with Nintendo Revolution’s controller you’re WRONG. It has like two buttons and most of the time you’re waiving your arm, and you don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome from waiving your arm.

  13. I think Nintendo could make exhausting games as well as relaxing. Take two Revo controllers and do a little EyeToy Kinetic style workout or sit on the couch and just swing your hand a bit to aim at some enemy….
    And after all I agree with Syrius and Nicholas….

  14. That picture is awesome.

  15. I think this might benefit some of people who never did anything other that sit on their asses (no offence, just a slight exageration or is it 😉 ) being someone who have been a gamer and a fit person whom exercise regularly i don’t really see a problem with the controller. The only problem i have with it is my arm getting sore like trying to put up your arm up like a T for 5 minutes

  16. I’m so hyped by all this. I can’t wait to play!

  17. another news feed… see the picture of the controller fitted into another controller?.. genious…

  18. its just a mockup but it all makes a lot more sense now 😉

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