Don’t Cook Your DS, Do Cook WITH Your DS

All though the DS Lite’s instruction manual expressly forbids you from putting the DS Lite in the microwave, Nintendo is now releasing a title that proves that the DS can actually be used in some cooking scenarios without blowing the two-screened device up. “?????DS????? / Talking DS Cooking Navi” is a new DS title that is to be released on the same day as the Royal Pink DS Lite. The game is basically a talking recipe database of about 200 different types of Japanese home-style cooking, and can be controlled with your voice so that you don’t have to touch the thing when your hands are covered in oil and/or flour. Even though the game is being released at the same time as the Pink DS, given the advertisement the game seems targeted towards men that don’t really know how to cook, as Chances are a master chef wouldn’t need the kind of culinary hand-holding that DS Cooking Navi offers. Even if I can’t get a pink DS Lite on launch day, I am definitely picking up this title. Does anyone else think the chef icon is just Mario in disguise?