Donkey Kong Turns 25

Prepare to feel old, as this August marks Donkey Kong’s 25th birthday. Donkey Kong has evolved over the years, and he’s proven that like his former rival, Mario, he can be quite versatile, spending his time platforming, racing, fighting, making music, and playing sports. Here are my requests for DK in the Wii generation:

1.) How about sequels to Donkey Konga and Jungle Beat? They’re two titles with gameplay that would perfectly suit the Wiimote.
2.) Can we get consistent with DK’s look? There’s his original look, the fat gorilla in a wifebeater look, the ’90s Rare digital look, and the realistic, fuzzy look (see above), along with many others.
3.) Any chance that the Jungle Beat team could eventually give us a Donkey Kong Country sequel?
4.) No more DK Rap. Please.

Be sure to check out 1up’s Year of the Monkey feature. Also, happy birthday to Metroid’s Samus Aran, who celebrates 20 years of bounty hunting this month. Only 20? Wow, in the U.S., she can’t even kick back and have an alcoholic beverage after battling space pirates.

[via 1up]