DK: King of Swing Reviews (GBA)

DK King of swing has been getting decent reviews ranging from 70-80 points. What are your initial impressions of this “shoulder button-only” game?

[Source: Game Rankings]


  1. look at these how cool would these attactments be?????!?!?

    this just makes me think of all the possibilities, im finally startign to love this controller

  2. Hehe wrong article 😀
    But those pics are nice, I think the controller itself could be used like a gun, so no need for a gun expansion and a steering wheel without a fixed axis is difficult to control…..
    But I really like the Steering wheel approach 😀

    On topic:
    I think about buying King of Swing, it looks fun and most people I talked to really like it. It’s something completely different…

  3. I’ve played it a bit, and it’s a fun concept. The only problem I have with it is that the hit detection for the hands tends to be off by millimetres, and when you grab with both hands, the angle you remain is rarely what you want it to be, resulting in hurty. But it’s still really fun to play, though, and a really refreshing change to the standard platformer.

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