DIY: Revolution Controller

If you want to play the Revolution controller, but can’t wait ’till it’s released next year, build it yourself. According to Joystiq, that’s what one gamer did. Using a gyro mouse and an ASCII one handed Playstation controller, the dude played Half-Life 2. While aiming was a bit difficult, he feels that “with a little practice, gamers will love this new controller layout.”

I can’t wait to see playable games. Half-Life 2 was not designed with this controller schema in mind. Even when Iwata revealed the controller with it’s teaser trailer, I was already anticipating the demos. In your mind, what kind of demo would work best to showcase the Revolution’s first playable game?

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. A gyro mouse doesn’t have quite the same functionality as the Revo controller, but this is still exciting. I can understand how he just couldn’t wait!

  2. I’ve been trying to play FPS’s with the papercraft revolution controller I made. Admittedly, it doesn’t work that well.

  3. Yeah… my PC gamer friend tried to tell me that the Revolution’s controller wasn’t revolutionary because “gyro mice can already do that”… uh, no they can’t. a) Gyro mice have no depth perception like the Rev controller, and b) AFAIK there is not a single PC game on the market which REQUIRES a gyro mouse in order to even be playable.

    Interesting simulation but I’m sure the actual Rev controller will still be a very different experience. If it wasn’t, devs would’ve already made Revolution-style games for PC with gyro mice in mind.

  4. F-P-friggin-S. I swear, Nintendo need only show two games for Revolution and it will sell millions: one FPS for the West, and the original Miyamoto IP for the East. Heck, i think both of those games will appeal to both regions (not to mention the virtual console games). As long as they’re both super innovative. I get wet just thinkin about it.

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