Disney announces peripheral-less Ultimate Band for Wii, DS [update]

Ultimate Band Wii
No Peripherals Required, Ultimate Band Makes the Power to Rock Truly Accessible

UPDATE: Game Informer has some encouraging impressions — the game sounds better than I first thought.

BURBANK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Disney Interactive Studios announced today, Ultimate Band, an all new music experience for fans of the Wiiâ„¢ home video game system and Nintendo DSâ„¢. Gamers and music lovers of all ages will realize their dream of becoming a rock legend when they build their own band or jam alone, all fueled only by the power of the Wii controllers and the DS stylus. Disney is working with some of the very biggest names in rock, alternative, popular, emo and indie rock music, allowing band mates to play sets from a broad selection of current hits and all-time rock favorites. Friends and families can rock out on guitar, bass, drums or as the front man.

“Ultimate Band invites kids, tweens and teens to join in the jam session,” said Craig Relyea, senior vice president, global marketing, Disney Interactive Studios. “And whether they choose guitar, drums, bass or front man, members don’t need to buy costly, single-function peripherals to play their way through Ultimate Band’s deep song list, dynamic venues, and customizable characters. The Wii Remote™ and DS stylus are the only tools they’ll need to reach rock stardom in Ultimate Band.”

Working with leading London-based music consultants, Radial Music, Disney has chosen to combine familiar classics with today’s hottest songs in creating Ultimate Band – a product with global appeal across all age groups. Instantly-recognizable songs from classic rock to current hit singles will bring players together for endless hours of entertainment.

“Radial worked closely with Disney to compile the perfect song list for Ultimate Band,” said David Hill of Radial Music. “With iconic songs from every decade since the 60s, these games feature music for everyone.”

Ultimate Band, being developed by Fall Line Studio in Salt Lake City, UT, is slated for release during the 2008 holiday season. When Disney formed Fall Line Studio in November, 2006, Ultimate Band was the first project the team began building. Fall Line Studio’s focus is to develop Wii and Nintendo DS games based on new intellectual property, Disney brands (with Disney/Walden Media s The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian on the Nintendo DS being its first release), and innovative new technologies such as DGamer which will provide a fun, connected game community for Disney video game fans.

Ultimate Band for Wii allows players to live the life of a rock star, by advancing their music careers and popularity from playing in a neighborhood garage to performing in front of an international audience at a world famous venue. Ultimate Band utilizes the innovative Wii Remote and Nunchukâ„¢ to give fans the ability to play the drums, bass guitar, lead guitar, or take on the role of the front man. Players can also create and customize characters that reflect their own unique personalities and attributes. Along the way, players will unlock new songs, venues, and accessories that can be used to customize their band members.

Ultimate Band for Nintendo DS is a rhythm-based music game with a built-in recording studio. Players can jam to current and classic songs using the drums, lead guitar, bass guitar, or rhythm guitar. Players can also create their own original songs using the DS touchscreen and stylus to lay down tracks for each instrument and apply creative mixing effects. Ultimate Band for Nintendo DS will also include DGamer functionality which will allow players to engage with others in a secure online community via their DS (Wi-Fi or ad hoc) or computer.

Ultimate Band will be rated E10+ (anticipated) and available this holiday season for Wii and Nintendo DS.

15 Responses to Disney announces peripheral-less Ultimate Band for Wii, DS [update]

  1. peshue says:

    Seems like a good idea except that it involves Disney and emo music.

  2. neko to kuruma says:

    Alternate headline: “Disney jumps on a bandwagon, makes something for people who can’t afford real rhythm games.”

  3. wii wii says:

    I am not big fan of these games. However, I applaud Disney for not making yet another plastic peripheral to clutter peoples living rooms.
    Maybe the game will be good….

  4. Lifeisaglitch says:

    Graphics good/ Art direction bad

    No peripherals, cheaper/ No peripherals not so fun

    Has some original ideas/ Blatant rip-off, bandwagonning style

    Lot of songs/ No songs anybody in their right mind would care about

    Conclusion looks like a spiffy game but obviously not marketed at the RockBand GH crowd as much as the Hanna Montana crowd…. Looks like a good buy nonetheless. For your niece that is, will definitely help in keeping her from getting near your expensively skinned GH guitars and Rock Band set.

  5. deepthought says:

    interesting- I want to see the song list though. (it’s not all hannah montana, is it?)

  6. RealityCheck says:

    but i want drums!!!

  7. Kingbad says:


    Doesnt look too bad, but again, another GH/RockBand rip-off

    And all you do in the Wii version is press buttons!! (lame)
    Whats so bad about awesome peripherals?

  8. DonWii says:

    Very Interesting. The GI hands-on is encouraging.

    While I was interested in THQ’s Battle of the Bands, I may go with Disney this time around. This sounds more interesting than waving the Wiimote.

    Good to see it doesn’t have extra peripherals to jack up the price, while still offering a deep gaming experience.

  9. Ryuukuro says:

    While it’s great to see Disney get further into gaming without the help (and hinderance) of the Disney “friends”, this just looks weak. If they really want to get into the video game business they don’t need to go all M rated but they do need to come up with (or buy out some) original ideas. I look at this and I see Guitar Hero rip-off all over it. Spectrobes was a Pokemon rip-off but at least it had some distance while this game screams “me too.” I think they might be able to develop a strong line of original games but they have to be willing to be original.

    And they need to pay the lady who created the “Cheetah Girls” what she’s really due.

    And they need to get rid of Hannah Montana, High School Bad Musical, and the entire Disney Channel. And the princesses.

    And I need to stop now.

  10. Lyskan says:

    They should just skip this and release Daigasso in America…

  11. AtmanRyu says:

    What self-respecting music videogame encourages emo music!? >.

  12. AtmanRyu says:

    And I agree: Daigasso’s much better, specially since you can compose your own songs as well.

  13. HyperSonic says:

    Disney should focus more on Kingdom Hearts, and less on stuff that’s already been accomplished and is hard to improve.

  14. JOBERI says:

    very good submit, i certainly love this website, keep on it

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