Digesting Miyamoto

What was your favorite tid-bit about last week’s Miyamoto interview? While the Zelda delay is disappointing, we we’re happy to hear that Miyamoto is more actively involved with Twilight Princess. Even more-so than Wind Waker, and that was one fine game. He even says they might add a “last minute idea.” It’s gonna be good peeps. It’s gonna be good…

[Source: Nintendojo via DJ chuckroast]


  1. I almost cried when they anounced the delay of TP but when i heard they will improve the game my spirits lifted. As Myamoto once said:
    ” A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever”

    quote obtained from Miyamoto Shrine

    Nintendo’s Myamoto 10X more nutritious then your regular Miyamoto

  2. Hmmm nice quote !
    I hope he does his magic thingy again 😉

  3. Of all the cryptic remarks in this most recent interview with the Master Game Designer, the one’s that excite me the most would be the ones on the status of Mario 128. Miyamoto made a most interesting comment about Mario’s tie-in with the Revolution controller. He said, quote, “We’re currently working on something very special for the next Mario, something never seen before. You’ll understand when you see it that [we can’t release such a game right away?]. The new Mario game will surprise a lot of people. Have faith in us. I think that we’ve come up with a new way to have fun.”. Hmm… Something very special? I wonder what it is, though. TGS, where are you…?

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