Console Industry = Processor Industry?

Do you really care what’s under your console’s “hood?” I remember a time before P3’s and P4’s ruled the computer earth when you really cared what your processor could do. Man, I could tell you how many gigflops my mug could spit out. Now-a-days, I could care less how many gigs my processor has. I’m not even sure what it is, 2. something. Just give me some decent ram, a harddrive, a nice graphics card, and oh yeah, really good software. Aren’t we getting to the same point with console hardware? Give us something that works, just give us some really good software, i.e. games.

I can certainly respect the PS3’s and 360’s processing power, but I personally don’t care too much. Let me know what you guys think and if i’m missing something though. I just really feel that the console industry might be entering the same era that processors went through a couple of years ago when people stopped caring about power. When hardware advances so much in front of the software, users usually stop caring. (I can’t think of one instance where that’s not the case.)