Colt’s Choice 9/27/20

Colt’s Choice 9/27/20

Hey there folks, how are ya doing?? It’s your boy Colt and I’m here with another COLT’S CHOICE! I hope you have had a legendary weekend and let’s roll into the week with a new game! This has been a very fun game recently, because I have been playing it with two great people here that had shown me the ropes!

My Choice for this week is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles! I have been playing every level with the two and only Steve and Lukas, your lovely hosts! I have gotten into Final Fantasy last year and have been running through them all and enjoy them in general. This is an interesting take on the FF world where you are a four person caravan playing through each level. You select your character from a couple different races and can meet up with three other friends online for each level. Each level then is a dungeon crawl with a boss at the end. All monsters known monsters in the FF universe and interesting to see them in a different world.

I’m going to be honest fam, I have NO CLUE what’s going on in the story or even what is happening in general. I will tell you I absolutely love this game because I can hop in to a call with these two great hosts and we just run through levels and talk to each other about our day and what not. The three of us absolutely love playing Rocket League together as well, but that is very fast pace. This great game gives us a chance to relax and actually talk to each other and for that, I’m all for this game!

This game is $40 and I want to be very clear: Make sure you have a set of friends to play to go through this with, and I guarantee you will enjoy it!

There ya have it folks. I hope you enjoyed this! I’m signing off for now and I thank you guys for reading! Until next time…. GAME ON!!!!