Colt’s Choice 7/26/2020

Colt’s Choice 7/26/2020

Why hey there friends!! It’s your boy Colt and I’m BACK with another Colt’s Choice! I hope y’all are having an electric week and I hope this game makes it even better! It has been one I’ve thoroughly been enjoying as of late and a much needed genre on the switch. Let’s get to it.

My pick for this week is Rogue Company. This is a brand new game from Hi-Rez and is difficult to put down. It reminds me of a mashup between Rainbow 6 and Fortnite. you get the sudo-R6 game styles (two teams of 5 trying to set or disable a bomb, take control of an area, etc.) with the third person style of Fortnite, as well as dropping into the map from a plane.

A really interesting feature is you have a chance to buy guns, melee weapons, grenades, and abilities on the plane before you drop. This really opens up the possibility of really customizing a player who has special abilities. We lack shooters on switch and this is a fantastic edition that we all should pick up! 

Rogue Company will be free to play soon, but they have 3 tiers of payment levels you can purchase now and be apart of the early access founders edition. The three levels are $15, $30, and $60. The differences are the amount of rogues you have access to, emotes, skins, etc. I purchased the $30 version and I absolutely love it! I think you all will enjoy this great game.

So that is it from me fam! I truly hope you guys pick this up! If you do, let me know and I would absolutely love to play some games with y’all! That’s it from me for now, I can’t wait to talk to y’all again and as always… GAME ON!!!!