Colt’s Choice 4/5/20

Colt’s Choice 4/5/20

Hey there fam! It’s your boy Colt and I’m back with another great choice for the week! This game was one of my favorite games growing up and, now that it’s came to the switch, I have been having a HUGE nostalgia trip and haven’t stopped grinning from ear to ear. Forget the rest of the introduction, let’s get to it!!!!

My choice for the week is Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. This beautiful gem first made an appearance on gamecube, then through Kickstarter the devs remastered it for the recent consoles! You play as Ty, a Tasmanian tiger from Australia trying to stop the evil BOSS CASS from taking over the land! You are armed with a plethora of boomerangs to stop your enemy and save the great people of The Outback! Throughout the game, you unlock various boomerangs that have the power of fire, ice, and multi-hit to help you traverse through each area.

Guys, this game is a huge nostalgia trio for me and still holds up to this day. I strongly urge you to pick this game up, I put my seal of approval on it as a MUST PLAY! It is $30 on the Eshop. Guys, PLEASE grab this and join me on the pure enjoyment of searching for thunder eggs and destroying enemies and bosses! I seriously believe you will not be disappointed!!!

Alight fam, pick this up and tell me what you think in the comments section below. I’m so happy to be here to talk to y’all! Until next time…. GAME ON!!!