Circle Pad Pro Coming to a 3DS XL Near You!

Circle Pad Pro Coming to a 3DS XL Near You!

When the 3DS was initially launched, a big complaint was the lack of the second circle pad.  Since most console controllers (Wii controller excluded) are shipped standard with two analogs, the circle pad on the 3DS is a move in the right direction.  The low profile design keeps the device compact while still allowing the ease of control that an analog does.  So why not include two?

Our requests were answered with the introduction of the Circle Pad Pro.  This nifty little device easily attached to the 3DS and gave us what we wanted.  Sure it added bulk to the device, but it was actually pretty comfortable.  Fast forward to the 3DS XL announcement.  Although it was not a big surprise that the XL was launched, the size was a bit of a shock (90% larger touch display).  Although this device will more than likely not fit in a pocket, it seems like it will be comfortable to hold.  Now if only it had the second circle pad…

Our wishes have been granted!  Although the second circle pad will not be built into the device, Nintendo has announced the Circle Pad Pro expansion for the 3DS XL.  Why not just build it in?  My guess is profit.  Not only is Nintendo going to sell the 3DS XL, but now they can add incremental profits by selling the Circle Pad Pro.  It is actually a good marketing strategy.  My only complaint would be the added size to this already beast of a handheld.

What are your thoughts?  Would you have spent more for the second circle pad to be built in, or are you okay with buying the Circle Pad Pro separate?

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