Infendo Radio 467 – Everyone is Here!

Thanks for joining us for Infendo Radio! This week, the whole crew is here to talk about the final Smash Direct. We play a round of Nintentunes, and Justin is hilariously unable to speak.

Infendo Radio 466 – Nintentunes Featuring Fearful Leader

Happy November all! It's voting time, and episode 466 is an all Nintentunes affair to help you to fulfill your civic duties! Who will win this week's episode? Lukas, Steven, and Eugene all duke it out to claim that coveted Nintentunes prize!

Infendo Radio 465 – Together Again

Do you love Nintendo podcasts? Then the Infendo Radio 463 Nintendo podcast for you! Can't wait for the show to be edited? You don't have to! Come check out episodes of the Infendo Radio LIVESTREAM, right now!

Infendo Radio 464 – Huawei Robbery

Will Huawei's New Phone Rival the Switch...probably not, but this week on Infendo Radio 464, we have fancy guest in the from of Matt Desind of the NintendoFever Podcast, and we talk all about it! This week, we talk all about Pokemon Go, dive into the upcoming Pokemon Let's Go postgame news, and play a fun round of Nintentunes!

Infendo Radio 463 – Introducing the Nintendo Hinge

The week on Infendo Radio, we have a roundtable discussion to go over the bombshell news that Nintendo may be releasing an upgraded Switch as early as 2019.

Infendo Radio 461 – Bowsette, do you love me?

This week on Infendo Radio 461, Nintendo unveils a new Mario Power-Up, and inadvertently breaks the internet. Join us as we discuss this weeks news, including Fortnite cross-play, a brand new Pokemon discovery, and a hint of virtual console in the latest eShop datamine!

Infendo Radio 460 – Nintendo Online FTW?

This week on Infendo Radio 460, we finally are able to talk about the recently released Nintendo Online service. The delayed Nintendo Direct finally goes live, and we have a ton of details to discuss because of it.

Infendo Radio 459 – Nintendo Direct Chronicles

This week on Infendo Radio 459, we chronicle our Nintendo journeys! This episode is all about this weeks upcoming Nintendo Direct. We speculate on what Nintendo will discuss a week be for the Nintendo Online Service is set to launch!

Infendo Radio 458 – Dragula Lost

Nindies, Nindies, everywhere with the latest Nindie Showcase! Infendo Radio 458 is here, and we aim to please! This week, we talk all about the last Nindie Spotlight, and speculate what will we revealed in the upcoming Nintendo Direct! It’s a new month, and we have a new Patreon tier! Come vote to see who has to play the Atari 2600 game E.T. at the end of the month! Do you love Nintendo podc...

Infendo Radio 457 – Did Somebody Say Nintentunes!?

Thank you for joining us for this week's show! This week on Infendo Radio 457 we play a fun 7-round game of Nintentunes in our all Nintentunes spectacular!

Infendo Radio 455 – Nintendo Online Details Revealed

Thank you for joining us for this week's show! This week on Infendo Radio 455 we talk about the Diablo 3 Forbes leak, new Nintendo Online details, and dreaming about a TimeSplitters comeback after THQ Nordic acquires the rights to the series.

Infendo Radio 454 – Smash Bros Gets More Ultimate

This week on Infendo Radio 454 is all about Smash Bros Ultimate, where we talk all about the new reveals Sakurai and crew have been cooking up. Man, talk about a King K. Troll, amirite? Dark Samus, King K. Rool, and Crom all join Mario in crew for the most Ultimate Smash Bros Brawl yet!