Casino kid – a great NES game

Casino kid is a great Nintendo game from the late 1980’s and an early example of a casino game. Games of its type were exceptionally rare during this time period. A game like Casino Kid managed to fill the gap for a lot of people who were interested in gambling in a digital format. Some people are going to find it interesting that this game has something of a narrative attached, since games of this period are often thought of as games with no narrative whatsoever. The object is to defeat the villainous King of the Casino by making lots and lots of money through the casino games. The games on offer include five-card draw poker, roulette, blackjack, and traditional slot machines.

Finding exciting casino games is easy today. However, this just wasn’t the case before the late 1990’s. The online gaming world itself is really more of a product of the 1990’s. Casino Kid is a game from 1989, which can make this game seem like it is a little bit ahead of its time. Then again, some people would say that Sofel the developer of the game managed to anticipate an era where people would play casino games online.

This is certainly a premise that is going to hold plenty of appeal for the people who enjoy playing casino games. The idea that playing casino games could be heroic is going to intrigue the people who are in the audience for them. Obviously, playing and winning at casino games could theoretically be heroic in real life, depending on what the winners in question wanted to do with their casino winnings. However, few people are going to defeat villains with their casino game playing prowess. Casino Kid therefore manages to offer people a very appealing fantasy.

Many people are going to feel nostalgic for a game like this. The graphics for a game like this have a very retro feel and look by today’s standards. No one should try a game like this expecting to find the sort of graphics that have characterized the popular slot games of the present.  Casino kid is a great Nintendo game for the people who love retro games and the people who love casino games in general.

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