Buggy: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked

Yesterday I shared news of the upcoming North American release of Shin Megami Tensei IV and overall feedback about the game is positive.  However, those that bought  Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked in the European market are not so happy about their purchase.

Apparently, the game suffers from in-game freezes, and other various bugs.  Luckily, Ghostlight and ATLUS are working together to ensure a patch is developed quickly to remedy the freezing when you summon a demon into battle, as well as a crash found in the auction house.  Ghostlight released the following statement on their blog:

“Nintendo have also been contacted and will be able to help us both quickly and efficiently through the process of looking at a patch solution. Sorry that we don’t have any more news for you at this time but we are working as fast as we can towards a fix. We appreciate your words of support and continued patience through our first release on 3DS.”

The great thing about the issue is that Ghostlight is reacting quickly to resolve the issue for the players.  However, should the issues have happened at all?  I feel that sometimes, as gamers, we tend to want everything now.  Unfortunately, in the rush to satisfy us, bugs are too common theses days.  Sure, a patch can usually be applied to resolve the issue, but should we have to endear the glitches? I think if they took another month or so to play through the game a few times, the bugs could have been worked out before launch.  Sure, Launch might have been delayed, but the game would work better.

This is why I am not upset by the slow release of games, for example on the Wii U.  Is it possible that we could have seen the newest Zelda or Pikmin at launch?  I would argue that we probably could, however it would be rushed, buggy, and unpleasing to the fans.  Luckily, we are fans of a console that truly cares for the fans and their games.  Even when there are issues, they work on resolving them the correct way, and not just a quick fix and forget about it.

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