BOWN award winners go on to greatness (Hint: Wii’s one of ‘em)

Infendo reader Nerdswerth goes beyond the headlines today with his dissection of Wii’s recent pick up of one of the coveted Best of What’s New (BOWN) awards from Popular Science Magazine. Nintendo’s great white hype the Wii came away with the win in the Home Entertainment category. That’s news in its own right, but Nerdswerth goes deeper.

“To put this feat in historical perspective, I dusted off some old BOWN issues [yes i kept them] and the results were thought provoking:

Past Honorable Mentions included Apple’s iPod and HUMMER’s first H2. Past Category Winners include the 1st Samsung DLP, Nissan’s 350Z, and the original BOSE Wave Radio.”

Interesting. But our nerd-inclined Infendo reader goes even further.

“Those names mentioned above are successful products and household names NOW but that was not always the case. Sales jumped after POPSCI placed a BOWN crown on their head, figuratively knighting them for the success which was sure to follow. That fact alone could prompt a “NEWS FROM THE FUTURE” type headline about the resounding success Wii will enjoy. Gimmicky toy it is not.”

Now now Mr. Nerdswerth, let’s keep that opinion in check. People are going to start throwing chairs again.