Best Buy’s doors open one hour early on Wii launch day


Sorry Wii launch day campers, if Best Buy was your particular poison for launch day on Nov. 19, there will be no midnight opening for you!
Instead, it will be one hour earlier than normal opening time, or 9 a.m. I guess this just means the wait will be a few more hours than expected for Wii-Day to arrive (for all of us who decided to hold off on pre-orders).

Was this news what you expected would happen?


  1. Guess I’ll be going the Target route after all.

  2. I expected that from BestBuy!

    And that gives me a better chance to grab a Wii on launch day, since I won’t be camping from the previous night…

  3. So, like… Is there a list of retailers that ARE doing midnight sales? Is ToysRUs? Walmart? Gamestop?

  4. This camping business is retarded. If Best Buy supposedly has between 40-100+ Wii units on average in each store, and the number of campers lies around 20 or 30 tops, and not every store on the planet took pre-orders, what’s the point of camping? Even at the Nintendo store, they say walk-ins will be taken care of on Day 1, and not even they are doing a midnight launch.

    People need to relax and buy some Wii accessories or something to assuage that hype, cause everyone who has the money for a Wii box will get one on November 19th. Outside of some store hopping, it’ll be the most uneventful launch ever, no shortages no nothin.

  5. hey I have a questionn ??? if the wii releases on sunday november 19th, is it possible to go to a open 24 hours walmart , and buy the wii like at 2 or 3 in the morning, technically is already is sunday, and they have to load the wiis to the retail thing, so theyre sure to be there ??????????????????????????

  6. When the GameCube came out, I was at a 24-hour Walmart in a sleepy midwestern town at midnight. There were 12 people in line and 24 cubes. No one left empty-handed. Go to a small town 🙂

  7. I agree with Rollin, there are a lot of consoles available for launch. Why even bother camping? You’d be wasting your time.

    Though I do hope my Gamestop is open at midnight because I preordered and I’d love to get my grubby hands on Wii ASAP. Still, if I cant, no biggy.

  8. I too have been planning out a camping strategy but I’m actually kinda glad stores aren’t doing the midnight thing because.. well, I’m a USC Trojan and there’s a late homegame against Cal. Nothing gets in the way of Trojan football so this is great news to me. ^_^

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