Best Baseball Game?

Bases LoadedIn lieu of the excellent, albeit, short World Series between the winning ChiSox and Astros, what is the best baseball game of all time? Bases Loaded? Baseball Stars? All-Star Baseball? Ken Griffey Jr Presents?

You make the call…


  1. Bases Loaded II was the perfect baseball game for NES, a better game than its predecessor and its sequel.

    Baseball Simulator 1.000 was a bit more diverse though (super powers/create-your-own rosters), so it led to a few more hours of gameplay.

  2. Pennant Chase…*cries*

    What could’ve been!

  3. Oh yea, i was soooo disappointed by that game lsat night. If i’m watchin, i want it to go to a Game 7. I don’t want a quick kill. How lameass. That’s what u get for leaving the Yanks out of it. I mean, what was the last World Series u can remember? Past 2 years have been memorable for their division series.

    Ah well, tennis is my true love.

  4. Uhm, Base Wars! That was the most fun I ever had plaing baseball games. Man, that game rocked.

  5. Little League Baseball by far, with its small, skinny and fat batters, as well as the ability to dive and jump to rob homers from the stands. Also, there was nothing more thirilling than having a Level 1 pitcher strike out Aaron from Texas.

  6. I’m sure there are others that are better but World Series Baseball 93 for sega genesis will always have a special place in my heart as the best baseball game i have played. It may also have something to do with the Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series that year and me being from Toronto.

  7. I thought games 1 & 2 were two of the most exciting games since 91’s Twins/Braves series and/or 2001 Yanks/Diamond backs. Yeah, game 3 was sloppy, but last night was a close one with some exciting moments too.

    Yeah, I’m always routing for a game 7, but alas, I wanted the chisox to take it. Konerko’s slam and podsednicks dinger was off the hook.

    I’m gonna have to go with Baseball Stars although the above mentioned World Series Baseball was one fine game.

  8. I TOTALLY agree with you, Fuzz. Basewars was THE BEST baseball game ever. The only one I ever enjoyed, honestly. I loved that game. It’s one of the Nintendo ROMs I must have when I’m taking my games with me.

  9. Super Baseball 2020, for one.

    Tecmo Super Baseball is another underappreciated gem.

    And of course, for the hardcore, it really doesn’t get better than MVP 2005 (too bad they’re not going to be making anymore)

  10. RBI

    then Baseball Stars

  11. Well, obviously…

    Super Pro Baseball 2000! By Tecmo, if I’m not mistaken, but feel free to call me silly if I am.

  12. I vote for Super Baseball Simulator 1000. Easily one of the best games I’ve ever played socially.

  13. Definitely Super Baseball Simulator 1000

  14. baseball stars II on Neo Geo AES is pretty solid.

    I also like the original Baseball game for GameBoy.

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