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While the controller announcement floods the gaming news industry, there just so happens to be some select games out for all Nintendo systems. Here’s some of our picks and what to look out for on the radar.


  • Ultimate Spider Man (GC, DS, GBA)
  • DK: King of Swing (GBA)
  • Battalion Wars (GC)
  • Tiger Woods ’06 (GC)


  • Fire Emblem (GC) 10/17/2005
  • FIFA 2006 (GC) 10/04/2005
  • Prince of Persia 3 (GC) 12/05/2005
  • Electroplankton (DS) 11/14/2005*
  • Castlevania (DS) 10/04/2005
  • Lost in Blue (DS) 09/27/2005
  • Mario Kart (DS) 11/14/2005
  • Animal Crossing (DS) 12/05/2005
  • Mario Tennis (GBA) 12/05/2005
  • Gunstar Super Heroes (GBA) 10/25/2005

(* Denotes most creative game nominee)


  1. PoR is my game of the year already…

  2. I just read yesterday in an interview with someone from Nintendo, and I don’t remember where, that Animal Crossing DS will only come out next year (in 2006).

    : (

  3. I read it right here!

    If you go down and read the attachement about the hand-out from Nintendo to retaillers about Wi-Fi.

    Last paragraphe:
    “Next year, many more games will be added to the [Wi-Fi] portfolio, including Animal Crossing and Metroid Prime Hunter.”

  4. What’s PoR?

  5. Fire Emblem “Path of Radiance”, and i too am looking forward to this game

  6. No AC this year ?!? 🙁 Not nice…
    I am still looking forward to Meteos (this Friday) and Advance Wars (next week) 😀
    And I am wondering if the US version of Electroplankton is any different…

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