AQ Interactive Reveals All

The newly formed Japanese publisher, AQ Interactive (Artistic Quality) held a press conference today where they revealed everything they are working on. Previously, all anyone knew about them was that they published the Xbox 360 title Tetris: Grand master Ace in Japan for that system’s launch. Today, all of AQ’s plans have been unfurled.

AQ is working on a multitude of platforms and games. Under their wings are studios Artoon, Feel Plus, and Cavia. Relationships Mistwalker and other prominent Japanese studios doesn’t hurt. On the Nintendo side of things, they will provide the DS with an adventure game and and edutainment title. The best part is they also announced Revolution titles. AQ will support Revolution with an original action title and a game based off a major comic liscense. No further details on either of these four titles were disclosed.

Like we needed more reasons to love Japan…

[Source: IGN]


  1. *returns from hiatus*

  2. wb Rollin ^^ I miss our debates

  3. Never herd of them.But that comic license probably will be Ghost Rider to tie in with the movie. Are they good developers?

  4. Nihon ga suki desu!

  5. vakerorokero, they are not developers they are publishers. They pay the bill, the developers make the game

  6. I’m sure VR meant Artoon, Feel Plus, and Cavia. I don’t know much about them, but Artoon is responsible for the Xbox would-be mascot Blinx.

  7. Right. I had never heard of those developers so getting an idea of what games they had work on. They must mean big $$$ starting with games on all platforms. I hope the don’t become a younger Bandai and EA that cares more about quantity & big franchises than a few quality games every month.

  8. i’ve never heard of them. The fact that they made a tetris game previos to this worrys me

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