ANOTHER Nintendo secret delays Nintendo Power delivery

If you happen to be a subscriber to Nintendo Power (Official Nintendo Magazine in the U.K.), then you won’t be getting your issue early this month, as you usually do. That’s because the issue has been embargoed until Sept. 1 due to a “BIG exclusive” that was, surprise surprise, not named by Nintendo at this time.

From the official forums:
On this ocassion subscribers will not recieve their issues any earlier than the proper on-sale date (01 Sept) due to our cover game being embargoed until that date. Rest assured this wouldn’t happen normally and it’s because it’s a BIG exclusive.”

No one seems to know what this exclusive cover game is, but rest assured people are already rabbidly speculating about it across the Internet. I’m about rumored out these days, but this is certainly a breath of fresh air compared to that mind numbingly bad fake Chinese manufacturing snafu rumor I wrote about this morning. I pick up Nintendo Power at the bookstore occassionally, so I’ll probably be learning about this exclusive news the same time as everyone else on Sept. 1. The exception being I’ll be reading about it George Costanza-style in the Barnes and Noble restroom.