Animals Cross Big in Japan

Leading up to Animal Crossing: Wild World’s release, the Japanese public had made more than 400,000 pre-orders for the community sim. Now, a week since its release, more than 300,000 DS users have picked up the game. Becoming one of the fastest-selling DS games in Japan, Animal Crossing has eclipsed first week numbers for both Jump! Superstars (50,000) and Nintendogs (135,000). As a result of this smash debut, lots of Japanese shops are claiming to be sold out of DS systems.


[Source: DS-x2]


  1. The game came out on Nov. 23th, that’s not even half a week.

  2. did pull back the article? it seems to be gone

  3. Looks like they did. Weird.

  4. I already pre-ordered mine!

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