Amiibo Cards: By BigKidToys

Several months ago, I found an amazing thing from I found out that there are several sellers out there that actually make Amiibo Cards! Now, for those of you that have listened to Infendo Radio, you’ll know that I am a collector of sets of things. I feel the need to have complete sets, which has been my downfall with collecting Amiibo over the years. It is so expensive, and some of those retailer exclusives can be a bear to find. I remember very vividly trying to get my hands on the Skyward Sword Link Amiibo, which was an Amazon exclusive. I had alerts turned on so I saw them the second they came through on my Apple Watch. I remember very vividly the alert coming through while I was headed up to a meeting 45 minutes away from my main place of work. I actually had to pull over on the freeway to secure my preorder. Then, when I received it late, it looked like someone had sad on the box. Luckily my figure was fine.

It was at that point I realized I had a problem. Not to mention, I have two giant tool boxed full of figurines I will never touch again. Why? Because I have found a far more practical solution. Insert BigKidToys over at Etsy (click here to go directly to their store)! They have not only saved me from having to find some of the rarest Amiibo around, but they have saved my wallet. Look at a full set of 22 Zelda Amiibo. If you were to buy them all at $12.99, you would pay roughly $285.78. But don’t forget, Wolf Link, the 4 Champions, and Guardian were all more than the standard $12.99. Plus, I seem to remember the 30th anniversary Amiibo being closer to $15.99. And Guardian was either $19.99 or $24.99. You see where I’m going with this? Amiibo are an expensive hobby. Let’s click here and see what BigKidToys sells a full set of 22 for? Looks like at the time of writing they are selling for $37.35 with Free Shipping. Normally retails for $41.50 plus shipping. Plus, you can add on a Mario Odyssey Amiibo 3 Pack for only a few dollars more.

While this may sound like an advertisement, I assure you they are not paying us for this review. In fact, I have bought the Zelda set, Splatoon, Metroid (Custom Order) Donkey Kong (custom order), Kirby, Yarn Yoshi plus Poochy (Custom Order), and a couple of one offs (Shovel Knight, Qbby, Soliere, and Loot Goblin). And I have no intention of stopping there. At some point I hope to have a full set of Smash Amiibo, I’ll finish off my Shovel Knight Amiibo after they are released. My ultimate goal is to make it so I never have to use my figures again. It’s such a pain to dig in the box and try and figure out what Amiibo is where, and so on and so forth. The Amiibo Cards are just so convenient. They are a cardboard card, with the original artwork on the front and a nice logo on the back.

They pay attention to detail as well. I took the Powersaves for Amiibo and tested the figures to the cards. Smash Donkey Kong scans as SSB-Donkey Kong. Mario Series Donkey Kong scans as SMB-Donkey Kong. And the Skylanders Donkey Kong (a custom order I may be the only owner of), scans as Donkey Kong. And if you head to your local card shop, or even Amazon, you can find some clear sleeves that fit these cards nicely. I actually keep mine in a binder.

The last order I placed, I placed on a Friday afternoon. They arrived on Tuesday morning ready to go. See the below images for how they are packaged. I never have any fear they are going to arrive in less than pristine condition.

As I mentioned above, I keep mine in a binder, and they slide out very quickly when I want to use them. There is a trick though. The NFC chip is not where you see the Amiibo logo. It is actually in the center of the Amiibo card. See the images below on how they scan using the different controllers. On the Joycon, you just hold the center of the card to the right joystick. On a Pro Controller, if you move it in just such a way, it scans EVERY TIME, WITH NO ISSUES. And of course, they are still compatible with New 3DS, New 2DS, and the 3DS/2DS Amiibo Reader that looks like a hockey puck.

I need to reiterate, I was not paid to do this review. I am a firm believer of supporting products I believe in, and I approached them for this opportunity. For full transparency, I have only received 3 free cards (out of the 60 or so I have ordered from them), and received a discount on my most recent order. Other than those two instances, I am a full paying, and extremely satisfied customer, like I hope you will be.

One last time, here is a link to his shop, over at


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