Alex, I’ll take multi-colored Wii’s for $200

I miss the rumor mill. Since the launch of the Wii it’s been cast aside into the Infendo closet with the DVD upgrade and that portable GameCube idea.

But wait. DPAD did some recon at a local Toys R Us, a lo and behold the rumor mill is back and bigger than ever!

“Nintendo will be ‘relaunching’ the Wii console sometime before or at the beginning of Spring 2007. The launch, which is said to see many different colors for the Wii system (as seen at E3), will also be accompanied by a hefty price drop from $250 to $200.”

Launching with just one color is a sound business decision. People might not buy a certain color, and you are left with a bunch of worthless consoles. However, after the fact it makes more sense with a few small batches of red, blue, green and black Wii’s to get even more buyers on board. Unbundling Wii Sports from the console would still make Nintendo a profit at $200 as well, given that it costs roughly $158 to make a Wii.