Achtung! More Wii titles imminent at Leipzig

Those crazy Germans. First they host the World Cup and now they’re shaping up to be host of one of the most anticipated shows of the summer, the Leipzig Games Convention. I don’t know about you, but I’m still on the fence about which event will have more people following it.

First, we had the Wii Prove Our Promise keynote announcement from yesterday, and today we’re hearing there will be an additional 5 “brand new” Wii games also making an appearance. Nintendo France magazine is reporting that it’s still not clear at this time whether the games are first party, third party or Mario Party; but does it really make a difference? With the amount of positive press surrounding this system since E3 (may it rest in pieces), this thing could launch with a Pong remake and still sell out.

But obviously Pong is not in the cards, so what are you hearing? What are the 5 titles? Icarus? A Burger Time sequel? Golgo 13?