A Wii Update [update 2]

(I used to call this Revolution Ramblings, but decided to change the name for some reason.)

First and foremost, the name of the “Rev” is Wii. Not Nintendo Wii, just Wii.

Also from that GI interview: GI: It’s been rumored that the new big Revolution secret is the fact that the nun chuck controller is also motion detecting”¦

[NOA Public Relations Manager] Matt Atwood: Really. That’s interesting. I would say 9:30 in the morning on Tuesday of E3 will be filled with surprises and I would just show up. Because there’s been a ton of speculation. Some of it’s right. Some of it’s not. We’d say that if that’s the only secret you’re expecting you’re going to be very surprised.

EA has set up a large, Wii-dedicated development team in their EA Canada offices. Their first project will be an exclusive version of Madden, which will differ from the PS3/360 version and use the controller to intuitively mimic the motions of football players. The team is also working on other Wii titles. In the interview with IGN, EA gives away what Matt Atwood hinted at above: Nintendo’s secret of an accelerometer in the nunchuck attachment.

Cubed3 tells us that Gamespot received a postcard hinting at a Kojima game on the Wii at E3. It shows the Kojima Productions logo riddled with words that begin with “RE”. Hmm. Must be that game we had the semi-scoop on in the Fall.

At a recent Nintendo event, Reggie told fans that there’ll be a new racing game for the Wii at E3 that showcases a brand new form of racing control. [Via Revolution(Wii?)Report]

Cool ad concepts for the Wii over at BGB. [pictured image from BGB]

[Update 2– Added 3rd Wii advertisement to the word “Cool”.]