This is why you will be buying Nintendo’s next console

I don’t think anyone would argue that the talent at Nintendo is top notch. From the quality of their hardware, to their robust intellectual properties, Nintendo really does have something for everyone. Does all this mean that Project Café is an instant buy? I think so, and if you click on through I’ll tell you why! 

The games
Franchises such as Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong transcend video games into popular culture, which is something that isn’t often seen outside of Nintendo. Sure, there are your Halo’s and Call of Duty’s of the world, but they don’t reach quite a broad of an audience as your standard fair Nintendo franchise. Why does Nintendo have such mass appeal? Well, I’d argue the utmost reason is because the games are just plain fun. It’s impossible to not have a good time while competing with grandma in Wii Sports bowling, and that’s an experience exclusive to Nintendo’s consoles.

The talent
When you think of the biggest names in the video game industry you’d be remiss if you left out names such as  Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata. Between these two people the likes Kirby, Pikmin and Wii Fit were created, all of which have gone on to be successful in their own right. Those aren’t the only two employees that Nintendo has either. The people working within Nintendo EAD are responsible for the top 3 games of all time according to GameRankings, and you will never ever see a single one of this development teams games on a competitors console.

The feel-good feeling
As I have said before, I completely love my other video game consoles, but they don’t quite give you the same experience found on one with a Nintendo logo. You can sit down with your children and play Donkey Kong not having to worry about them viewing any inappropriate content. With a game like Mario, you can give your girlfriend a controller and she will just get it. Try and do the same thing with that 13 button Xbox 360 controller and things might not go so smoothly. The ability to hit so many demographics with a single game is something Nintendo just plain does better than anybody else. Ask Disney how that’s been working for them in the movie industry.

The innovation
When you look up innovation in the dictionary, Nintendo’s logo won’t be found next to the definition, but it should be! Let me give you just a few firsts for Nintendo in the video game industry: dpad, shoulder buttons, force feedback, motion controls. Have the likes of Microsoft any Sony (and Sega before them) essentially copied most of these idea’s from Nintendo? Well, yeah! Can we expect Nintendo to do it all again with Project Café? Only e3 will tell!

The mystery
Many would argue that the veil of secrecy that Nintendo has over its new consoles and games is a negative point against Nintendo, but I for one enjoy the clandestine nature of the company. Too many times have games been spoiled for me before I even laid a finger on the controller in large part due to the excess of info publishers like to throw at consumers prior to a games release. Yeah, the boss at the end of level 7 was super awesome, but I already saw the trailer back in February and was expecting it! This won’t happen with anything Nintendo published, mark my words; and when they finally do reveal the next Zelda or Metroid title, you will be so much more excited because of it.

Don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow to read the reasons why you won’t be buying Nintendo’s next console!

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. Nintendo is my fav. Zelda wins, and I’m disappointed at the lack of games for 3ds so far :(. Though it’s almost over.. OOT, star fox, and more… finally.. It seems like it’s been forever! *finger’s crossed for ALTTP remake :)*

  2. Top notch? Have you forgotten the Virtual Boy?

  3. I do think theat the Nintendo Strema or Project Cafe will be awesome, however

  4. Sorry typo, Meant Nintendo Stream

  5. @ Matthew Case
    Hey, Nintendo takes risks. There has to be failure once in a while. Just one failure among so many successes is pretty impressive in my eyes.

  6. I’m definitely getting it on one condition…AT LAUNCH, you have to be able to transfer all of your save data/downloaded games from the Wii to the new system.

  7. I agree with Holly. Knocking Nintendo for Virtual Boy is like dismissing George Lucas for Howard the Duck.

  8. I will surely be getting, and anxiously awaiting E3.

  9. I love Nintendo. Still own my NES, N64, GCN, Wii, Gameboy, GBC, GBA, and DS. I own hundreds of games for all those systems.

    HOWEVER, if the Nintendo Project Streaming Cafe dookicky costs $350 with $100 controllers like all the rumors indicate, then I will have been priced out of Nintendo’s next system. There is a line, and the way the rumors go right now, Nintendo crossed a line I cannot join them.

  10. I don’t disagree with most of the points made.
    My problem is just how you do get some new story and experiences on the other systems, and meanwhile we’re saving the princess or playing baseball with Mario yet again for the umpteenth time.
    Seriously, Peach, gtfo!

  11. I totally get this, but I don’t feel it anymore. Back a decade ago I loved Nintendo. But now online play and the power and stories of other games have drawn me in so much more. Zelda has not retained my attention, and in my mind Nintendo as a developer has been eclipsed by Bioware, Bethesda, and (the former) Infinity Ward. And for hardware, I value HD graphics and online play above caring whether or not my girlfriend plays with me.

    But I have no loyalty to Microsoft, a company that has disrespected its customers. Let’s see if Nintendo’s can win me back.

  12. “And for hardware, I value HD graphics and online play above caring whether or not my girlfriend plays with me.”

    …wow, I don’t think I would’ve ever made that bold of a statement even if I agreed with it. 😛

  13. If it’s HD graphics and online play you want, just wait till you see Mario or Link for the FIRST time in HD on the next console. That will blow everyone away in every demographic and every type of gamer. Hopefully its online service will (should) be better. I think it’s safe to assume that at the very least we will only have one friend code like the 3DS.

    Also there will be no reason why some of those deep story titles can’t be ported to the more powerful Project Café. So the best of all worlds. Nintendo please us all!

  14. Talent at Nintendo? Aren’t those the same people who allowed Metroid: Other M to happen?

  15. @Kale I actually enjoyed Metroid: Other M, it was very unique.

  16. Anything Metroid in HD will win me; even a Super Metroid remake in 3D. Nintendo is still the best in my book.

  17. There are many things that left me doubting about the new console:

    1) is already said by gamecollector44;
    2) the storage quantity. I don’t want another machine with storage problem as the Wii, making it a gimped console from the go;
    3) online fuctionality must be top notch. No shi**y things like friends code anymore. Demoes must be plenty (sencod point here makes a huge difference) and the Shop channel has to be rethinked to the ground up, as it’s too cumbersome;
    4) 3rd party support (hardcore stuff) has to be consistent and not a touch and go as it was with the last two generations;
    5) graphics capability has to be superior to those of PS360… I already have those two console and a third one would not be necessary… First party titles won’t be an enough spur anymore;

    Nintendo has lost me in the end with the Wii… To gain me back it has really to improve many things.

  18. @ Skotski


    “And for hardware, I value HD graphics and online play above caring whether or not my girlfriend plays VIEO GAMES with me.”


  19. @deepthought
    I understand Bioware. Those folks are good, they are at a different level along with Nintendo itself and Blizzard.

    But Bethesda, really? They only make bogus games and empty promises. And Infinity Ward? What can they do besides linear FPSes? I don’t think the first company is that good, and the second still has to prove it can do more than just FPS (even though they build good ones).

    My opinions, though, so peace 🙂


  20. @ Fabio

    Bioware is a pretty safe bet for a good story and gameplay (but even they are repeating themselves a bit)

    Bethesda made my day with Fallout 3. The story, the world… great stuff. Felt like I was exploring a real world. Drew me right in.

    The old Infinity Ward really hit it for me with Modern Warfare 2. It was like playing The Rock, and not just because it cribbed scenes. A great linear FPS is still a great game. Loved it. (Wish Black Ops hadn’t been such a letdown. Treyarch feels like the JV team.) I was excited to see how MW3 would turn out… until Infinity fell apart.

    After some thought, Dice and Valve probably belong on the list too.

  21. Very true… these reasons are why people will buy their next console… the question is when most people will actually buy it and when said classic games will actually be released. I have no doubt a ton of people are going to buy the 3DS eventually for these same reasons, but they’re not buying now due to a lack of good games.

    Not sure I agree with the ‘mystery’ point either… while it’s nice to not overhype the game and have it actually live up to expectations, it’s not so nice having to wait months for any information on games like Paper Mario 3DS and Mario Kart 3DS, or heck, any real information about Project Cafe or whatever the new console is called now.

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