718 – Diving into Switch 2 Rumors and Nintendo Legal Action

In Episode 718, we explore the ongoing Switch 2 rumors and Nintendo's legal battle against the creators of the Yuzu Emulator. Join us as we unpack these developments and share our insights on the latest news in the gaming world!

717 – Exploring the Latest Pokémon Presents

In Episode 717, we unpack the latest Pokémon Presents, highlighting the reveals of Pokémon Legends: Z-A and Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket. Join Justin, Eugene, and Brandon for an engaging discussion on the newest Pokémon titles and more!

716 – Nintendo Partner Direct Recap and Gaming Updates

Join us for Episode 716 as we welcome former Infendo Alum Chris to discuss the latest Nintendo Partner Direct, highlighting third-party announcements and upcoming Switch releases. Don't miss out on our engaging gaming discussions and updates!

715 – Switch 2 Backward Compatibility Rumors and Gaming Updates

Episode 715 brings you discussions on the latest rumors surrounding Switch 2 backward compatibility and highlights of the games our hosts have been enjoying recently. Tune in for intriguing insights and engaging conversations!

714 – Switch 2 Launch Predictions and Gaming Updates

In Episode 714, we delve into our predictions for the highly anticipated Switch 2 launch lineup and provide updates on the games we've been enjoying lately. Tune in for engaging discussions and valuable insights into the gaming world!

713 – 20 Questions and Gaming Updates

In Episode 713, we spice things up with a game of 20 Questions and share insights into the games we've been playing. Get ready for an entertaining and informative episode filled with gaming discussions!

712 – Nintentunes and Gaming Updates

In Episode 712, Eugene, Justin, and Brandon engage in a lively game of Nintentunes and share updates on the games they've been playing. Tune in for an entertaining and informative discussion!

711 – Switch 2 Rumors and Shantae’s 3DS Reprint

In Episode 711, we delve into the intriguing Switch 2 rumors and celebrate the limited reprint of Shantae And The Pirate's Curse for 3DS. Tune in for the latest gaming news and discussions!

710 – Switch 2 Rumors and The Last of Us Emmys

In Episode 710, we explore the intriguing rumors surrounding the upcoming Switch 2 and celebrate The Last of Us winning eight Emmys. It's a packed episode filled with exciting gaming news and discussions!

709 – New Year Catch Up and RetroGameCon Recap

In Episode 709, we kick off the new year with a gaming catch-up session. Eugene quizzes Justin and Brandon about their RetroGameCon experience. Join us for a fantastic start to 2024

708 – Pre-Christmas Gaming Talk

In Episode 708, Eugene and Justin engage in a relaxed pre-Christmas gaming conversation. With minimal news, it's all about the games they've been playing. Tune in for a chill episode before the holiday festivities begin!

707 – Super Mario Movie Nominations and More

Episode 707 brings exciting news about The Super Mario Bros Movie's nominations, the Donkey Kong Country area at Universal Studios Japan, and the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6. Join us for all the latest gaming updates and discussions