Weekly Sweet Power-Up Starts Now!

mario_letthemeatcakeVery early this morning I was awakened from my morning haze by the sight of a delightful Super Mario cake that popped up on one of the image-feed websites I subscribe to. Inspired, I thought it merited a post, but upon further investigation into where exactly the cake had come from, I found more… and more and more.

There are so many Nintendo and Nintendo-character themed cakes, sweets and snacks out there, that just one post was not going to do them all justice. Hence, the “Weekly Sweet Power-Up.” Every week we’ll showcase a Nintendo-themed cake, candy, or other sweet ranging from home-made baked goods to Pokémon snacks at the Japanese grocery store. Got a sweet you’d like to share? Send it to us!

This week’s Power-Up comes from M.A.L’s Flickr page, a towering wedding cake with the Mario Kart gang against a Mario Galaxy inspired backdrop. The cake was made by master decorator Beth at Let Them Eat Cake in Costa Mesa, California.