TGS Hands-on impressions: Arkanoid DS

tgs03.jpgI’ll be honest: as Mac user I’ve always felt a certain affinity for “Arkanoid,” or “Breakout,” since it was originally written by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple computer. Nowadays you can play some version of it on any platform from cellphone to RCA-cable contraption, but for the true Atari experience you do need the original dial.
Though the “paddle controller” is obviously another DS add-on gimmick, I actually thought the dial itself felt really solid, and the controls in the game were tight and responsive. I can’t argue with the fact that Taito’s releasing the accessory in three colors (pink, black, and white), but I can’t see this being used for any other game (Pong DS? Who would pay for that?). But you can also get the game stand-alone, and play with either the stylus d-pad.
The fun of this game comes from the controls and the inherent nostalgia in using them, but there don’t seem to be enough features in the game itself to merit almost a fifty-dollar buy. Perhaps if online play or a 2-player pong style game were added…
verdict: Fun to pick-up and play, but is a lot of money for a game with a controller that may only work with Arkanoid.
official site: Arkanoid DS