Weekly Sweet Power Up

Weekly Sweet Power Up for May 22nd, 2009

This Pokémon packed DS Lite cake was created using pre-made Sarah Lee cakes by youtuber banannieannie for a cub scout dessert competition and comes complete with video instructions from the creator and her son! Note: creator does not explain if the DS Lite cake would be lower in calories than an original DS cake.

Mother’s Day Sweet Power Up

What could be more fitting for a Mother’s day treat than this Mother-themed Mr. Saturn cookie from Snack or Die? Check out their recipe for yourself if you want to surprise mom with this clever cherry-filled delicacy.

Weekly Sweet Power Up for May 1st, 2009

This week we’re showcasing Debbie Gourd’s Super Metroid helmet cake. While not a gamer herself, Debbie runs her own cake-design shop out of San Francisco and did an amazing job creating this particular cake based on images of Samus from the net. It looks so detailed I think I’d feel bad cutting a slice out of poor Samus’ head.