Never Leg Day: ARMS Tips & Tricks (Part 2)

You thought we were done knocking you out with great ARMS tips, champ? Well think again. Today we’re gonna go over some more specific tips to get your ARMS game to the next level. Real champs never stop training right? If you haven’t already read the first Tips and Tricks article, check it out right here. Everybody’s gotta start somewhere, kid. CHARGING PUNCHES Charging punches i...

Throw Hands Like a Champ: ARMS Tips & Tricks

So you wanna be the next ARMS champ, huh? Wear the belt, have the screaming fans chanting your name? Then listen up kid. These are some quick tips to get those Arms of yours in top form.   Buttons or Motion? ARMS can be played either with button controls or motion controls. Three members of the Infendo crew prefer button controls, while one of us (cough cough, Steve) is still using motion con...

The Alternate Deaths of Three-Headed Hewdraw…and some more Icarus tips

As Eugene’s review stated, Kid Icarus Uprising contains a mind-blowing amount of content. If you’re enjoying KIU – or considering buying it (and you should) – we now present a few tips and tricks you may not have explored yet. MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Nothing earth-shattering, but there ya go.