Seattle Mariners

Photo: Mariners hold moment of silence for the late Hiroshi Yamauchi

  On Monday night, the Seattle Mariners held a moment of silence at Safeco Field in honor Hiroshi Yamauchi, who held a majority stake in the Major League Baseball franchise since 1992. Yamauchi, the longtime president of Nintendo from 1949 to 2002, died last week at the age of 85. Yamauchi had transferred his majority stake of the Mariners in 2004 to Nintendo of America, but was still conside...

Nintendo’s Hiroshi Yamauchi has died at age 85

A sad, yet perpetual state of mourning for Nintendo today, as the company announced that their longtime former president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, has died. He was 85. Yamauchi first became president of Nintendo in 1949, when the company was just a simple card-playing game manufacture. By 1963, Yamauchi had renamed Nintendo Card Playing Co. to just Nintendo. With the boom of video games quickly taking sh...

Did You Know?

Did you know that Nintendo owns a Major League Baseball team?   Keeping true to their tradition of owning and operating some off the wall businesses, Nintendo of America saw that the Seattle Mariners were hitting a rough financial patch in the 1990’s.  With Help of Nintendo of Japan, they purchased  60% of the team for a whopping 100 million dollars.