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Review: Mario Tennis Open serves up fast, addictive court action

Mario Tennis Open is a truly fun, hard-to-put-down game full of the charm and excellence you’d expect from Nintendo and Camelot. Its pick-up-and-play nature and smooth, fast online modes make it a perfect anywhere-anytime title. There’s a rhythm to single player progression that takes a little while to grab hold, but — once it does — Mario Tennis Open blossoms into a very f...

Rumor: Star Fox/Metroid crossover to be developed by Retro Studios?

First and foremost, this news should be taken with a huge, HUGE grain of salt. According to a post on The Paul Gale Network, (the same site who was notorious for starting the Rocksteady Games/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rumor) they claim that Austin-based Retro Studios’ new game will be a Star Fox/Metroid crossover. That’s right, a crossover between a cunning fox who flies an Arwing, ...

Weekend Gaming?

This weekend I plan to take it easy and relax.  I am thinking I focus on Final Fantasy 3, and maybe a little Kingdom Hearts RE: Coded to mix it up.  Who knows, maybe I will throw in some Milon’s Secret Castle for old times sake! What are you playing this weekend?