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Infendo Podcast Special: Pokémon Podcast Party (Part 3)

Thank you all so much for checking out our Patreon page! As a special thank you, we will be running a giveaway for the month of November that is open to all our Patreon subscribers! The rules are simple! Everyone

Infendo Radio 376 – In Mother Russia, Game Play You!

Infendo Radio

So the Super Bowl was a thing. All those big men threw that pigskin real good, which is why I’m confused by everyone screaming GOAT, but you know, sports-ball. Anywho, you heard what the goat-man Tom Brady said about his football

Infendo Radio 375 – Two is Better Than One

Infendo Radio

What can we say, the weather wins again. While we were planning to have Justin back for his triumphant return, but Mother Nature had different plans and decided that podcast night was the perfect night for a New York power outage. While

Infendo Radio 369 – List Ordering Extravaganza

Infendo Radio

Christmas time is fully upon us people! Man the battle stations, T-minus 6 days until Old Saint Nick is sliding down a chimney near you! If you need a companion during your last minute shopping expedition, never fear because Infendo

Infendo Radio 367 – Introducing special guest Jon Sakura!

Infendo Radio

This week week we have special guest Jon Sakura, who owns the game store chain in Albuquerque Gamers Anonymous. He gives us an insight on what is is like to run a game store, as well as picking our brains

Infendo Radio 366 – Playing with my Swapdoodle

Infendo Radio

Oh November. You bring us such nice things! From food at the Thanksgiving table, to time with family and friends, and even a new Zelda title to enjoy! Wait, what do you mean Breath of the Wild was delayed? MA,