Pokemon Snap

Game Freak: Pokemon Snap on Wii U or 3DS a Possibility

  In an interview with Polygon, Game Freak Director, Junichi Masuda discussed the possibility of Wii U getting its very own Pokémon Snap title. Fortunately, we didn’t get corporate speak. Matsuda was a bit more straight-forward:  “Personally, I really love the Pokémon Snap game, but it wouldn’t be interesting if we just released the same game, how it was before, for the Wii ...

How would you like to play Pokemon Snap in real life?

While I don’t condone the firing or fireworks at anybody, if it is in the name of Pokemon, I may have to make an exception. This video is brought to you by the same folks who thought real life Smash Brothers was a good idea. On a side note, I will have nightmares of real life Cubone for as long as I live.