Pokemon Battle Trozei

Review: Pokemon Battle Trozei (Nintendo 3DS eShop download)

I approached Pokemon Battle Trozei with two fundamental expectations. First, that it would be a puzzle game like most other puzzle games: simple, but with a lot of depth, and very addictive. Second, that it would follow the tradition of Pokemon games and be fairly easy: after all, the Pokemon games are made for kids. How hard could Pokemon Battle Trozei be? Quite hard, it turns out.

Nintendo Direct 2.13.14 Announcement: Pokemon Battle Trozei

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HifNwwr8NoQ[/youtube] My personal hope and prediction for today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast was for some clue as to what type of Pokemon spin-off game we can expect for the Wii U. I’m just as pleased, however, to learn about Pokemon Battle Trozei, a sequel to the well-received DS game Pokemon Trozei. Both games are of the puzzle genre, but Battle...