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Nintentunes is here to help sooth your Halloween party hangover, with music!

Gameboy – Avenging Spirit One of my favorite elements of the Nintendo download services is the ability to download classic games. When the eShop Gameboy version of Avenging Spirit was released a few months ago for the 3DS eShop, I

Nintentunes: Labor day edition

Gameboy – Sword of Hope 2 Sword of Hope was known along with Final Fantasy Legend as one of the first RPGs to appear on the Game Boy. Kemco later released a sequel to the title, and although I don’t

Nintentunes handheld edition: all the great tunes now available in your pocket!

Gameboy – X One of the great things about Nintendo handhelds circa 2008 was their ability to play games from other regions without having to worry about the game being region locked. Although X was never released outside of Japan,