The potential cost of a trip through Skylanders

Skylanders is one of the most controversial products ever released to the gaming world, linking software and electronic figurines into a unique and potentially costly experience. Its main hook — physical toys that actually “level up” — is instantly appealing, but if the game itself had turned out to be garbage, it would have sunk into oblivion. Much to the surprise of the g...

Mother 1 + 2 (Earthbound) Figures Incoming!

Big fan of the “Mother” series that brought us Earthbound on the SNES? So are the folks at Earthbound Central, who we blatantly borrowed this news item from:  8cm tall MOTHER figures are on their way to Japan later this year, recreating desktop sized characters from the unreleased in the US “Mother” for the Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as Earthbound on the Super ...

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