Mario arrives! First impressions

Thanks to the eShop download going live across the U.S. at 12:00 AM Eastern Time, West Coast Mario fans could purchase and download New Super Mario Bros. 2 at 9:00 PM last night. It was odd and fun to finally see a full retail Nintendo release sitting there on the eShop virtual shelf! Price: $39.99 Download time for me: about 45 minutes First impressions: Instant fun. The short opening cinema is s...

Download or cartridge?

New Super Mario Brothers 2 arrives in one week. In fact, it will be apparently be available at 12:01 AM early Sunday Morning! Here’s a question for those planning on buying: are you going the download or full retail route? Myself, I’m definitely downloading this one straight to my 3DS for 4 reasons: 1) I can’t wait to play it. 2) I like handing over my funds straight to Nintendo ...

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