“Be Together” – Super Mario 3D World commercial

[youtube][/youtube] Nintendo of America has revealed the first commercial for Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. The commercial titled “Be Together” details the multiplayer aspects of the home console successor to the Mario 3D Land by showing a family working alongside each other in Mario’s newest adventure. As always, the commercial st...

Video: Pikmin 3 US TV commercial

[youtube][/youtube] Nintendo has rolled out the US television commercial for Pikmin 3. The ad goes in a different direction as opposed to the Wii U’s first campaigns for its early titles in which we are shown a young child commanding a small Pikmin army. Pikmin 3 is slated for release in North America on the Wii U on August 4th.

Fire Emblem Awakening TV commercial

[youtube][/youtube] Fire Emblem Awakening will be available on retail and download in North America for the Nintendo 3DS on February  4, 2013.

Nintendo UK airs first Wii U commercial

[youtube][/youtube] The first Wii U commercial has hit the airwaves in the United Kingdom. Thoughts?