bob’s game

“bob’s game” playable demo – Impressions

For months on end emotions ran high in one man’s quest to see his masterpiece video game to publication.  As a carefully planned viral campaign raged on, true rage grew among the onlookers – who did this guy think he was?  What egotistical madman would face-off against the largest video game company in the world, claiming the power to destroy them with the self-proclaimed “grea...

Pelloni (Bob) tells Infendo about hype, SDK

We’ve written a lot about “bob’s game” in the past – covering protests, threats, forfeits, revivals, and zany antics – but never dug beneath the surface of Robert Pelloni’s masquerade of hype.  What exactly has Pelloni been up to?  Reader speculation ranges from a carefully designed marketing campaign to an insane, self-absorbed brat with an overblown se...

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